Smart Volume Control


  • No ads
  • Usage of 30 widgets for your desktop and lockscreen - unlimited
  • Profiles by time - unlimited
  • Profiles by your location - unlimited
  • Profiles by calendar events - unlimited
  • Profiles by Wi-Fi network - unlimited
  • Profiles by Bluetooth device - unlimited
  • Set Wifi, AP (hotspot), Bluetooth, mobile data, aeroplane mode - unlimited
  • Set brightness, ringtone and SMS tone - unlimited
  • Raise/Mute volume for feature - unlimited
  • Launch applications feature - unlimited
  • Call forwarding feature - unlimited
  • Speed Volume mode - unlimited
  • Headphones mode - unlimited
  • Volume lock feature - unlimited
  • Disable screen locking feature - unlimited
  • Many more features...

It has never been so easy.

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"If you’re fed up with having to set up the number of your cellphone at every moment, just obtain it and live gladly ever after with no additional problems in your everyday life."

Don Wilson,