Smart Volume Control


We are willing to sell the app incl. source codes. Please contact us for more informations.

  • No ads
  • Usage of 30 widgets for your desktop and lockscreen - unlimited
  • Profiles by time - unlimited
  • Profiles by your location - unlimited
  • Profiles by calendar events - unlimited
  • Profiles by Wi-Fi network - unlimited
  • Profiles by Bluetooth device - unlimited
  • Set Wifi, AP (hotspot), Bluetooth, mobile data, aeroplane mode - unlimited
  • Set brightness, ringtone and SMS tone - unlimited
  • Raise/Mute volume for feature - unlimited
  • Launch applications feature - unlimited
  • Call forwarding feature - unlimited
  • Speed Volume mode - unlimited
  • Headphones mode - unlimited
  • Volume lock feature - unlimited
  • Disable screen locking feature - unlimited
  • Developed by Direct-services - vývoj webových aplikací

It has never been so easy.

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Users wrote about us

"As I keep saying, if you’re somebody who – like me – listens to a lot of music, it can be a little difficult to either filter the noise through or drown it altogether. For instance, on the train home form work, you want to listen to music and not be bothered for a little bit but, if you were to miss a call from the wife – that could land you in trouble. With SVC you can filter it all out while being selective as well, unfortunately though, this leaves you with no excuse to forget the milk on the way home. If you’re fed up of having to watch your phone’s every move when it comes to your volume then grab hold of control and take your phone back through SVC. For those who follow routines, setting SVC once will be enough for it to make a difference. Certainly worth the money and definitely something you should try out."

Tom Dawson,