Smart Volume Control

Help Center » Why SVC needs so many permissions?


Your personal information

  • read calendar events plus confidential information - it's necessary for changing profiles based on your calendar events.
  • read call log and read your contacts - it doesn't read your call log, but it does read your contacts. It's used for letting you pick a contact number for call forwarding and also for choosing contacts for "raise/mute volume for" feature. 
  • write and edit contacts - this is used for backup and restore of "raise/mute volume for" feature and "Delay mute volume for" option in application settings. It is also used for experimental features (e.g. custom ringtones for contacts in the black/white list).

Services that cost you money

  • directly call phone numbers - this is used for sending MMI codes to your carrier. It allows SVC+ to turn on/off call forwarding, which is done by your carrier.

Your location

  • precise (GPS) location - speed volume mode needs this to determine your current speed. Also, profiles can be switched by locations and you can use "find me" button when adding/editing GPS location.

Network communication

  • full network access - necessary to show you maps when adding/editing GPS location. Also, free version needs this to load ads.
  • pair with Bluetooth devices - it's used to detect if Bluetooth headset/headphones are connected, so that headphones mode can support these.

Your messages

  • receive text messages (SMS) - necessary to detect incoming SMS for "raise/mute volume for" feature.


  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage (or SD card) - it's used for backup and restore of your data (settings, profiles, ...).

Hardware controls

  • change your audio settings - well this is what SVC+ does in the first place.

Phone calls

  • read phone status and identity - necessary to detect incoming calls for "raise/mute volume for" feature.

System tools

  • access Bluetooth settings, change network connectivity, connect and disconnect from WiFi, modify system settings - SVC+ needs these so that different profiles can setup Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile data, Aeroplane mode, Screen brightness and your Ringtone.

Wake lock

  • version 1.0.7 implements a new feature for keeping your screen on when you set it in a profile


  • To access the features that are available in the root mode (e.g. Airplane mode on newer versions of Android) only


  • Google Play licensing check - so we can verify if you legally bought our application.
  • control vibration - for vibration feedback when you start moving a dialog  for adjusting volume/brightness from a widget.
  • run at startup - e.g. you can set speed volume or headphones modes to start after device boots up.