Smart Volume Control

Help Center » How does the switching profiles in one location setting work?

When activated, this option will prevent your GPS place from changing your profile for the second time. The profile will be switched only once when you enter an active place radius. This also applies when leaving any place with "Elsewhere" place active which represents any place other than the ones that you have.
When you leave the place "At home" or "At work" you are "Elsewhere". The profile will be switched only once when you enter the Elsewhere place radius. For example, when you are at home and schedule your „Sleep“ profile, you will not have to worry about the GPS changing it back to your „Home“ profile using its location again. It will switch to your „Home“ profile only once upon you entering your house radius, so you will not be disturbed during the night.
If you deactivate this option, the profile will be switched repeatedly depending on the Frequency. You can change the Frequency in the application settings. Basically, the application will check repeatedly whether you are in any of the activated locations radius (including "Elsewhere") and always switch profiles accordingly, regardless of the fact that they were switched before.