Smart Volume Control



Application brings you a smart volume management of your device.

You can create profiles, which affect volume levels of your device, and which can also change state of Wifi, Bluetooth and mobile data, as well as set Aeroplane mode, ringtone, screen brightness and call forwarding. Also, you can select contacts for whom to raise or mute volume for.

Profiles can be switched manually, using smart scheduling, or based on your location. Smart scheduling includes your custom profile timers and also profile switching based on your calendar events.

Application includes two special modes. Speed Volume mode is used for dynamic volume adjustment based on speed you are currently moving.

Headphones mode enables sounds only when headphones are plugged. It automatically disables sounds when headphones are unplugged and it restores volumes once they are plugged again.

Main screen of the application is formed by several tabs, in which you can control and set up all of the functions. In the settings you can choose from various application and widget skins for perfect harmony with the color and settings of your Android.

Via settings, you can activate Silent mode detection function, which enables you to set up volume restoration timer each time you turn on silent or vibrate mode of your device.

This timer, unlike the scheduling of profiles, is cancelled if you restart your device. Also, it can be cancelled by change of ringer volume to non-zero value (e.g. manually, by scheduling or by change of location). It can be cancelled by taping on countdown notification in status bar, too.

Via setting, you can activate function that sets silent mode or enable Wifi while charging.

Data backup/restore can be found in the settings screen, including the option to perform backup automatically.

If you are using some kind of task killer application, please add exception for our application, so it can run correctly.