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SVC+ News » SVC+ 1.1.3

July 3rd, 2013

News in version 1.1.3

  • fixed problems with vibrations (incorrect behavior of the icon in the notification bar, problem with vibrations on Samsung Galaxy SIII, turning vibration on after disconnecting headphones)
  • fixed „raise volume in“ feature 
  • fixed disappearing contacts, restore from backup compatibility and loading speed optimalization for the „mute volume for/raise volume for“ feature
  • fixed bug when changing brightness to 0% on some devices
  • fixed 4x4 widget in the skins and function of button for presets
  • better detection of linked volumes on some custom ROMs
  • fixed bug with AM / PM timer overflowing over 12:00
  • lower memory requirements after the first installation (could cause freezing on older devices)
  • added option to choose the silent/vibration settings for each contact in the „mute volume for/raise volume for“ feature
  • fixed displaying of widgets on devices with full HD resolution
  • fixed problem with not-updating widgets when switching between different ringing modes
  • optimization of data transfer for Google Analytics and Google Maps
  • fixed a bug when switching profile, which resulted in an increase of the media volume
  • added experimental option into the settings for devices that have a problem with the delay of the „mute volume for/raise volume for“ feature 
  • „from-to“ timers are now enabled by default for new installations
  • we have created a new section "Tutorials" on our website, where you can find video instructions on how to use the application