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SVC+ News » SVC+ 1.1.8

May 10th, 2014

News in version 1.1.8

  • Fixed application crashes on some devices after the update to the new version
  • Ability to lock the volumes independently 
  • Improved compatibility for "NFC Profiles for SVC" plugin which now works with all devices and does not crash 
  • Added delay before the Wi-FI profile switch when the "Elsewhere" place is active and Wi-Fi gets temporary disconnected
  • Fixed vibration "enable/disable" issues on some devices when the volume lock was enabled
  • Fixed problems when using Calendar profiles on devices with lower memory and large number of records
  • Fixed 1x1 AP widget now showing properly on some devices
  • Fixed application crashes when adding new GPS location 
  • Fixed application crashes on the Widgets management screen for devices with lower memory
  • Fixed Raise Volume In feature that sometimes remained stucked in the status bar
  • Improved import compatibility in the application settings
  • Changed order during the Profile switch when Airplaine mode disabled Wi-Fi 
  • Improved call forwarding feature to accept different prefixes (e.g. Poland)
  • Updated Google Analytics implementation 
  • More than 350 various bugfixes of crashes, freezes and slower behavior on some devices, especially on older versions of Android OS
In case of any problem, please restart your device. If the problem still persists, uninstall the Smart Volume Control+ and install it again from Google Play. If none of these help, please contact our technical support by email Unfortunately, we have no option to effectively contact you in the Google Play comments.