Smart Volume Control



This mode needs GPS to be enabled, so it can determine your current speed.

Then, the volume of ringer and/or multimedia is being dynamically adjusted based on your current speed.

In the Controls tab or using widget, you can select from many presets (bus, cycling, running, etc.).

In the Speed Volume tab, you can edit your presets or add new ones. All changes are saved automatically.

You can adjust range of volume and speed. When mode is turned on, volume is adjusted in defined range based on how fast you are moving.

The application supports standard speed units - kilometers per hour (kmph) and miles per hour (mph). You can switch between them in Speed Volume tab or in application settings.

Next option enables you to choose if you wish to adjust volume of ringer and/or multimedia.

Last option is speed change threshold, which is used to define the sensitivity for speed changes. The lower the value is, the more sensitive it is, so volume is adjusted more frequently and vice versa.